About Me

Azurylipfe aka Heidi D is a self-taught artist from Belgium.
My speciality is photomanipulations with a wink to emotions in themes such as Surreal, Fantasy, Myths and legends, and emotions.
I've always been fascinated by the realm where our dreams takes us, their symbolisme, colors, theme's they show us.
I always loved legends and myth's. In my works I mainly addapt at those three 'worlds'. So the majority of my works shows emotions, surreal worlds of dreams, and interpretations of well know legends and myths.

I started with digital painting, and slowly got into photomanipulations because those got a faster then digital painting.
See more art: azurylipfe.daportfolio.com

Tools of Trade

Paintshoppro 9
Photoshop 3
Vue d'esprit
My digital camera
Wacom tablet.
coffee, and a lot of fantasy and imagination


Mystic dreamer tarot by Llewellyn Worldwide
Doracor CD
Midvinter CD cover
Flyers for the ' Black Blood party ' in Brugge
Artroute Brugge
Commissions for people
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